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1. Select Favourites

Create a favourites list by hitting the heart button on a photo and entering in your email address (your email is how the system tracks favs). 

2. edit / organize Favourites

On any gallery view page, locate the favourite's list heart at the top right of the page (with the little green dot on top of it). From there you can create a separate favourites list, or remove photos from your favourites by clicking the heart button on a photo and selecting remove.

3. Add photos to Digital package

Once you've added all your favourite photos to your favourites list, you can start filling your package with photos you'd like to order. Go to the print store and select the package you'd like. We're using a 10 Edited Digital Package for this example.

5. Finalize Package Selections 

4. Adding photos to package from favourites list

You must add an image to each box. You can do this all at once or you can add a portion and come back to it later once you've filtered through your favourites more. You will see how many images you've filled in your cart. Here we have completed our 10/10 selections. 

There are so many photos in each section of the dance festival that I highly recommend you use your favourites list to add your images to the package. To do this, after clicking select photo you will find the drop down menu and scoll all the way down to the bottom where you see 'My Favourites'

You will have to select the drop down and scroll to the bottom to 'My Favourites' for each photo you add to the package. I'm sorry about all the scrolling! 

6. Apply coupon code

Once you've added all your favourite images to your package you're ready to head to your cart and finish your purchase. Make sure you add any coupon codes that are valid. For every festival there is a 20% off code that runs for 1 week following the end of the festival (expires Sunday at midnight) and then another coupon code that runs for another 2 weeks after that giving you 10% off.

In this example the coupon is DANCE20 but your coupon will be specific to your dance festival. Coupon codes are found below on this website page, on my instagram account @tarahillstudios and on flyers posted around the festival. 

7. Receiving your images

After you place your order you will receive a confirmation email immediately. From there I will go in and personally edit each image purchased if you ordered EDITED photos or I will gather your UNEDITED photos. From there, I create a personal gallery for you and will email you directly with the link to the gallery and downloading instructions. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Once you recieve your gallery it will be live for 3 months and then will automatically expire. Please ensure your photos are downloaded on at least 2 devices within that time.