The Surprise First Dance at Our Wedding

So you may or may not know that I choreographed a surprise first dance at our wedding two years ago!

Wedding couple entertains their guests with a fun choreographed first dance at their wedding

My husband, Mike, would never consider himself a dancer. I taught him to two-step when we were first dating and that is about all of what he’s willing to do on the dance floor. Well at least normally.

Mike knew that it would mean a ton to me if he agreed to do this dance with me on our wedding day. And let me tell you it is one of my favourite memories from the entire weekend!

Normally brides and grooms are nervous for their ceremony or to say their vows but not Mike! He wasn’t nervous for any of that, but he was VERY nervous to do this dance. We practised once before heading to the reception and with a couple of drinks for liquid courage he absolutely nailed it!

At the time Mike worked 2 weeks on 2 weeks off out of town, and long story short we ended up having about 3 weeks in total to create, learn and memorize this dance. I was bound and determined to make this surprise first dance a reality and we did just that! We took some moves from other first dances we found online and made up lots of our own!

I am SO happy with how it turned out! I am so glad that we had a videographer capture the entire thing! And I am so glad that it set the tone and ended up creating an epic dance party for our wedding!

I’ll share more details from our mountain wedding another time, but until then I hope you enjoy this video of the surprise first dance at our wedding in Golden, British Columbia on July 1, 2017!

Here’s a few more photos for you!

Dancing to Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees a wedding couple dances to a fun choreographed dance
Wedding couple gives the peace sign during their surprise first dance at their wedding
We dance to our surprise first dance at our wedding in Golden, British Columbia.
A couple in their wedding attire dance to their surprise first dance at their wedding
Bride and groom smile as they dance for their guests
Groom dips his bride at the end of their surprise first dance at their wedding
A dance circle has formed at a wedding with one man entertaining everyone in the middle
Bride and groom kiss among their smiling guests

Venue: The Hillside Lodge and Chalets in Golden, BC
Videographer: Nic Collar Film
Photographer: Neil Slattery Photography
Audio Technician who created the mashup song: Aaron Kretzmann
Dress: Handmade by my talented Mom, Lorena Good
DJ: DJ Aerodynamix
Hair: Arie Janko
Catering: Whitetooth Bistro
Florals: Village Flowers

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