Yong girl in a yellow skirt and black crop top jumps and throws her hands and her feet behind her during a dance performance
A girl dressed as a man makes funny faces during her comical dance performace
A young girl holds a lace umbrella during her ballet solo dance
A large group of female dancers make two lines and make intricate visual effects with their arms while dressed in white during their dance performance
A beautiful young dancer in blue performs a spectacular jump during her dance solo
A young woman in a floral bodysuit and chiffon skirt delicately performs her ballet solo
A group of dancers huddle together during their dance performance on stage
A young dancer in a purple two piece costume performs dramatically during her solo dance
6 dancers connect themselves by holding each others hands and feet during their contemporary performance
A young woman in a red skirt and a black crop top jumps and splits in the air
Large group of girls dancing in red white and blue costumes with red umbrellas
Young dancer holds her leg behind her during her pointe solo
Nine dancers in red bodysuit costumes form a v and hold a powerful stance
Young woman shows some sass on stage during her solo performance

I love dance photography! I grew up competing in dance festivals around BC and Alberta myself and I remember loving the photos that were taken of me on stage.


I think it’s so important to document these monumental moments as you grow as a dancer. I am so honoured to be able to now photograph these young, talented dancers at dance festivals. 

Peace River North Festival of the Arts 2022 Pricing Info

I have decided to change up my pricing structure, hopefully to get more photos to all of you! I’m focusing on digital image downloads instead of prints this time around. The images can be printed at your own local print shop, I highly recommend Unforgettable Memories in Fort St. John!

Instructional videos on different ways to order your photos below!

Use discount code 1WEEK for 20% off your entire order! The code is valid until Sunday, May 1st, 2022 at midnight, giving you 1 week after the festival is over to use the code.

There will be a discount code 2WEEKS that will give you 10% off your entire order that will be valid from Monday, May 2nd until Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at midnight, giving you 2 additional weeks after the festival is over to use the code.

After that, the gallery will be live until October 1, 2022 when it will then be deleted and purchase will no longer be possible.

Price List

1 image download: $20
10 image download: $150 = $15/image
15 image download: $200 = $13.33/image
20 image download: $250 = $12.50/image
25 image download: $300 = $12/image

All images in digital downloads above are fully edited. Editing techniques applied may include: straightening, lighting correction/enhancement, removal of yellow stage tape, blemish removal on close up individual shots, colour enhancement and darkening of background and stage floor to highlight dancers.

Entire Gallery:
Purchase entire gallery from 1 solo/duo/trio $75 unedited + 1 edited favourite. $125 for full edited gallery.

Purchase entire gallery from 1 group $100 unedited + 1 edited favourite. $150 for full edited gallery.

The group numbers are priced higher because on average the numbers are longer, which results in more images per dance. Editing also takes much longer as each dancer is edited and inconsistencies in lighting across the stage increases editing demand.


NOTE: Each dance will have a different number of images taken during the number. The more variety in the dance will likely result in a larger number of images. This is not a reflection of the quality of the dance, simply the number of different frames that I take, ensuring there aren’t several photos that look very similar to each other. 

I thought long and hard about how to keep things as fair as possible, but there is no way to keep things absolutely fair straight across. I want to offer the option to purchase all the images from a number for a discounted price and this is the best solution I could come up with. Some dances will have more photos than others but the price to purchase the entire gallery from each dance will be as listed.

I want to reduce as much confusion about the purchasing process through the gallery website as possible so I’ve made a few videos to help you out!

How to navigate the gallery website, choose favourites and then view favourites:

How to purchase a 1/10/15/25 image download package:

How to purchase an entire gallery from one dance: