A beautiful woman traces the side of her thigh with her fingers in a seductive manner


Slow & Sultry + Fun & Flirty!

I love boudoir photography because I believe every woman wants to feel sexy
and DESERVES to feel sexy!

But, unfortunately, most women feel nervous, self-conscious, or that they don’t fit into what is traditionally considered sexy.

I’m here to set the record straight. You don’t have to show skin, wear lingerie, be at your goal weight, or have a full hair and make-up done to be sexy!

YOU get to decide what looks & feels sexy for you!

Women today have so much self-doubt and put so much pressure on themselves to do everything and be everything, it kills me! I sure as you’re sitting here reading this you’re thinking and feeling something like this… ‘I want to do this but not until I ____.’

And that _____ is probably a bunch of different things.
– Not until I lose _ pounds.
– Not until I grow my hair longer.
– Not until I feel better about myself.
– Not until I kill it in the gym 5x per week for a few months
– Not until I love myself a bit more.

LADIES!!!! We need to start loving ourselves NOW! We can always work to be healthier, more confident, improve our fitness, and everything else. Self-improvement is a never-ending process, but who you are NOW is beautiful, amazing and uniquely you!

I know you’ve heard this a million times but learning requires repetition! So I’ll say it again…

YOU, the version sitting there right now, is worthy of SO MUCH MORE
than you’re giving yourself credit for! 

Now doing a boudoir session isn’t the only way to start showing yourself a little more love, but I think it’s a brave act that jumpstarts the process. It’s so amazing to see ladies come alive in front of my camera! And let me tell you, it happens EVERY. DANG. TIME!

Now let me show you how beautiful you really are!!!